Welcome to Panem Part 3Edit

District 3 mainly manufactures electronic products like televisions,cars and explosives,so their tributes usually do best when they can get hold of wire or some kind of explosive-in their expert hands,it can become a lethal weapon.District 5's industry is power.(It doesn't talk about it in the book).District 6's industry is transportation.(It doesn't talk about this either).District 7 has a lot of woodland and provides lumber,which is why it's safe to assume that any tribute from there is natural with an axe.District 8 and 9.District 8 has textile factories and District 9 has grain factories.They don't have much of an advantage in the Games and so their tributes die early in the Games.District 10 raises livestock.(Boring stuff in the book).

'District 11's tributes are probaly at the biggest advantage.Eleven may be the largest District,but it's also one of the poorest.Their houses are more like shacks and the open fields there stretch on for miles and miles.The district is known for agriculture and is filled with orchards and meadows,though almost all the farmers' produce goes to the Capitol.Everyone works in the orchards,even children have to miss school to work during harvest and sometimes they toil through the night.Their goverment is strict and cruel,they get whipped publicly if they try to take so much as a handful of the crops

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