Part 2 of Welcome to PanemEdit

'So,I suppose Panem's pretty much gone back to how it was before the Dark days,except now the Captiol rules 12 districts instead of 13.And the man who creates those rules is President Snow,who has goverened Panem for as long as I can remember.Of course,this means that the Caoitol standard of living is far higher than in the districts.They live in luxury-with more money ,more food and more possessions than the rest of us put together.Everythey own is a state of the art,powered by technology like you wouldn't believe.Somehow though,even these perks wouldn't make me want to be one of the silly fools,with their affected accents and ridiculous fashoins-they're so blinded by their nice things that they can't see the suffering that their lifestyle causes.As though as it is living in the districts and working hard just to have all your goods taken by the Capitol,I couldn't live the way they do.

'Each district has its own mayor,but in reality we're all controlled by the Capitol.They send their trained guards called "Peacekeepers" into each district to watch over us all and stop any law-breaking.Peacekeepers in other places can be quite harsh when they're enforcing the rules.

'District 1 is one of the richest districts in Panem because it's where all the Capitol's luxury items are made.Including their beloved precious gems.This means that their tributes are well fed and well trained.They're usually good-looking,with strange names that reflect their luxurious backgrounds,like "Cashmere" and "Glimmer".District 1 takes the Hunger Games very seriously and their tributes are always in the Career Pack,along with anyone from Districts 2 and 4.Of course it makes sense for the strongest healthiest tributes to join forces in the begining.Fighting as a team,they soon kill off the weaker competition.It happens every year.What chance do the others stand against the Capitol's lapdogs?Those kids are always the most vicious and ruthless in the arena-they're killers born and bred.

'If anything,Distrcit 2 is even more of a threat in the hunger games than 1.It's actually the closest district to the capitol because,although known for it's stone quarries,it's also where most Peacekeepers comefrom.Since the Capitol had to stop using District 13 as their military base,they keep a lot of their hovercrafts in Districts 2's old mining mountain.This is a link to the Capitol means that kids from District 2 are raised to honor.I mean,as soon as they can walk they start training.Many of them even volunteer to go into the arena.It's no surprise that their tributes have a reputation for being the most aggressive.A tribute named Enobaria from District 2 ripped someone's throat open with her teeth.

'The other Career district,is district 4,it is by the sea si it is also the fishing district.Although it's only the Capitol that benefits from what they catch.All the same,District 4's industry often come in handy in the Hunger Games because their tributes can produce fishhooks and nets out of the arena.They also know which sea creatures are edible-unlike most of the compition-they can swim.It seems like the sea influences their whole way of life.Their bread is made with seaweed and shaped like a fish and even wedding ceremony involves touching sea water to each other's lips.

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